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It may also be that things are not going well at the moment and you need help with this. Or are you thinking about selling your company? I or a person from my network will also help you with this.




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  • Visited 12 countries. (love to travel)
  • 5 years Kenya.
  • Worked many different jobs and years for different companies.
  • 23+ years entrepreneur.
  • Married and father of two, big fans and source of motivation and inspiration.


When I was thirteen I started my first newspaper route in Losser (the Netherlands). Here I earned my first guilders. After my studies in international trade, I jumped into the banking sector. It was fascinating and also led to my own business in the financial world. My mind was having a great time here.


My heart bled out a bit. I couldn’t really express my creativity. I was more concerned with creating a beautiful flyer and perfect website than keeping up with my financial knowledge and education.


The turning point was a period of too much television, couch hanging and unhealthy eating. The only way up was to choose passion over money. I started to focus on what makes my heart beat faster: Growth through Marketing.


I now have a wider palette than just marketing to grow a company. Over the years I have also built up a strong network in the Netherlands and beyond to make even more possible.


Respect, Growth & Happyness are three terms that suit me well.



Over the years I have worked with many different companies from various industries, small and big like: Administration offices, banks, insurers, car companies, brokers, mediators, life coaches, furniture companies, webshops, driving schools, market entrepreneurs and many more.


Where do you find me? 


Currently I am active at:

  • K-Solutions, helping businesses find & make + keep clients (Marketing agency)
  • de Markt Online (Marketing agency for farmer markets)
  • Business Growth Partner


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Feel free to message me or connect with me on LinkedIn. Please discover what we can do for you & your company. Every conversation is confidential and we handle your data with integrity.


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